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    Radon Testing

Radon Testing is a crucial step that every home owner should perform every 2 years. Health Canada recommends that a long term test is used to determine a radon average for your home or business. Long Term tests are small chambers that are placed in the lowest lived in place in your home. After a minimum of 91 day the test is returned and analyzed by our lab.

The professionals at Performance Radon Inc. at certified by C-NRPP for radon measurement in homes and commercial buildings. We can also offer radon testing during a real estate transaction.

What is radon?   Radon is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. Radon occurs naturally in tiny quantities when elements in the soil, such uranium, slowly decay and change into radon. Radon itself is the immediate decay product of radium. It natural orc curing process.

Is Radon gas dangerous?   Yes, radon gas can be dangerous. According to International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) if a person is exposed to Radon gas it increases their chance of developing lung cancer. The risk depends oon the amount of time of exposure to Radon gas. Radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, which kills more than 3,300 Canadians each year.

How do I test for radon gas?   Testing for radon gas is a very simple and straightforward process. The best way to test is a called a long term radon test. You place a tiny canister in the lowest lived in level of your home. You keep this canister in your home for 91 days. After the 91 days is complete you let us know and we will arrange for a pickup of the testing device then we mail it back to the lab for analysis. After the lab analysis is complete we will contact you and discuss the results. Performance Radon Inc. offers Free Radon Tests for Regina Home Owners. Click Here for your test.

What is the safe limit for radon gas in my home?   The government of Canada says that the action limit for radon gas in any home is 200 becquerels/m3. However, there is no safe limit of radon gas as even small amount can affect one’s health

What happens if my house has radon gas in it?   Almost every home will have some level of radon in it. If your house has a high level of radon gas it can be reduced with the installation of a Radon Mitigation System by the qualified professionals at Performance Radon Inc.

Each radon mitigation system is unique and designed for each building. These systems will safely and easily remove the radon from your house before it enters you living  space. Radon mitigation systems need to be designed and installed by a certified radon remediation specialist to ensure the systems are operating correctly and reducing the radon in your home while improving the air quality.